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Hackintosh for Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 7 EFI and Docs

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After the MacBook Pro, the Surface Pro6 is a machine I like very much. The host 770g + keyboard 310g + pen 20g = 1100g! Very light. Based on the likes of Surface Pro6, I made few docs to help more Surface Pro 6 and Pro 7  users how to install Catalina 10.15.3

Clover version! 

Help Description and Videos how to install provided! 

Mojave EFI added!

The EFI also works with Surface Pro 5 (2017)


- Graphics Acceleration.

- Audio (Speakers and Headphone Jack, even microphone and AirPods) 

- Type Cover (keyboard works perfectly/ trackpad gestures works perfectly)

- Brightness and Auto Brightness

- Sleep/ Wake 

Partially Working:

- WiFi with USB dongle (with Big Sur working on build-in WIFI)

- Bluetooth with USB dongle (Working on it)

- Camera  with USB dongle (Working on it)

- Touchscreen (Working on it)


Currently completed:

The internal display shows that the built-in is normal;

Brightness adjustment is normal;

External HDMI/DisplayPort is normal, you can use the internal screen at the same time;

ALC298 is built-in normally;

The built-in SD card slot is normal;

Sleep and wake up normally;

Siri is used normally;

iCloud login is normal;

App Store login is normal, download is normal;

iMessage login is normal

The power button is normal, press three seconds to display the key menu, press one second to switch the screen

The touchpad is normal


Big Sur Soon! Working on this one!

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Hackintosh for Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 7 EFI and Docs

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